Errors Lead to Higher Risk of STD

Health Day News (Sept. 17) published results of a study of people who visited a Colorado sexually transmitted disease clinic that can spell trouble for men. The study revealed that half of the men who used condoms regularly reported mishaps ranging from breakage to slippage.

The efficacy of condoms has always been a concern of the medical community, and has created two camps: One arguing that condoms are too failure-prone to be reliable, while the other camp is dedicated to their adequacy in preventing the transmission of deadly sexual transmitted diseases, and unplanned pregnancies.

The study concluded that proper condom use, and using them consistently can reduce the incidence of breakage and slippage. In other words, practice makes perfect.



One Response to Errors Lead to Higher Risk of STD

  1. samy says:

    condoms arnt really effective at all. they only really prevent certain diseases and they do sometimes break either because of the condom or the user.

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