New Hormone Therapy approved for Menopause

Although this blog brings you mostly news for the male, there are times when a major piece of information or news may be of interest to both sexes. The announcement of the new drug Angeliq (drospirenone and estradiol), as a form of hormone-replacement therapy for moderate-to-severe menopausal symptoms, happens to be one of these times.
Drospirenone, the active ingredient in Angeliq, acts as a mild diuretic.

Berlex Inc already uses Drospirenone in an oral contraceptive drug called Yasmin. Estradiol, the estrogen component in Angeliq, is the same estrogen produced by the ovaries before menopause sets in.

Estrogen replacement therapy containing high doses of Estrogen is known to cause serious medical problems in women with kidney and liver ailments. However, the lower doses of estrogen in Angeliq have proven to be much safer. Consult with your physician before taking Angeliq.



3 Responses to New Hormone Therapy approved for Menopause

  1. Medic says:

    I read, that some vitamin additives can be harmful if to accept them in lots. Because of what additives there can be problems? WBR LeoP

  2. Isabel Aguilar says:

    Soy una mujrer de 45 años, tengo mi mestruacion normal hasta hoy, unicamente tengo un ovario y una trompa, tuve un embarzo intrauterino hace ya unos 18 años, despues de eso tuve mi ultima hija, tengo tres cesareas dos hijos,Tengo mucho interes de saber que estudios debo de hacer, estoy teniendo sintomas de premenopausia, que me recomiendan hacer o con quien tengo que dirigirme, vivo en cancun mexico, Hay algun medico aqui especialista que tenga informacion reciente? y que me de un tratamiento actual?
    Les agradezco su ayuda.

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