Is Vitamin E Losing Its Patina?

Vitamin E got another jab in the chest early 2005 from researchers who found that taking high doses does not prevent cardiovascular disease. What’s even more startling in this report is the revelation that vitamin E could knock out the heart.

This conclusion was made based on the outcome of a study conducted by the University of Washington, and publicized in Journal of American Medicine.
Other researchers, who are astonished at these findings, believe that further studies are needed.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet. Vitamin E is still the nutritional supplement of choice for many ailments, including kidney disease and vision problems. And for cardiovascular disease try the cardiovascular cure.

Vitamin E won the title for restoring youthfulness, and sexual stamina back in the early 90’s after numerous studies declared it the champ.



One Response to Is Vitamin E Losing Its Patina?

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