Treatment fails to Reduce Hypertension in African Americans

A study conducted by Michael D Brown, Ph.D, of Temple University’s College of Health Professionals, shows that exercise does not reduce a sodium-retaining hormone, in African Americans, which causes hypertension.

Aldosterone, an adrenal hormone, regulates blood pressure. Excessive Aldosterone causes the kidney to retain salt, and contributes to the development of hypertension.

About 40 percent of all African Americans have hypertension . And many of them have this salt-sensitive form of hypertension. Yet, there is very little data available to determine the reason why. It’s the highest rate for any ethnic group in the United States.

The study, though unfavorable to African Americans, does provide some hope. By manipulating the way Aldosterone regulates blood pressure, the body can correct itself.

Dr Brown believes exercise is the answer to reducing hypertension. The study is published in the September issue of Experimental Psychology.



2 Responses to Treatment fails to Reduce Hypertension in African Americans

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