How to Increase Sperm Volume

We know that aging has a negative effect on sperm volume. So, more than ever before, you need to consume a diet rich in nutrients that will maintain an adequate and healthy volume of sperm.

A high intake of antioxidants will not only increase sperm count, but also affect its quality and mobility. Fish oils play an important roll in maintaining sperm volume. While arginine and l-carnitine decrease oxidation, thus contributing to quality semen production.

The common causes of structural damage to sperms are infrequent ejaculation, varicocele, drugs and heat. Research reveals greater DNA damage to diabetic men, than those not touch by the disease.

Semen consists of fluids that protect the sperm cells… seminal fluid 60%, prostate fluid 30%, Cowper gland fluid 5%, and testicle fluid 5%. These fluids must be in perfect balance in order to protect the sperm cells. Consuming more fish, or taking fish oil supplements can increase fluids to provide that protection.



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