Patients Choose To Do Little About Prostate Cancer

Thirty percent of patients who are diagnosed with prostate cancer choose the wait-and-see option, also called ‘active surveillance’, which is unique only to prostate cancer, and cannot be applied to other type of cancers, since prostate cancer is a very slow growing neoplasm. Those men who chose this option, must still have regular PSA testing and physical testing every 6 month, plus a second biopsy after a year. In doing so men may avoid impotence, incontinence and other side effects. The no treatment option is only possible because doctors have the data to support it. It doesn’t mean no treatment ever, but rather no treatment right now.



6 Responses to Patients Choose To Do Little About Prostate Cancer

  1. Rabbi Ed says:


    I’m an advocate of robotic surgery when appropriate, but would not dismiss active surveillance, as it is now called, when indicated.

    My only question after a low-grade prostate cancer is diagnosed is whether an annual biopsy will actually detect if a man’s tumor has advanced. As far as I know, biopsies are done randomly (that is, the needle probe reaches locations randomly).

    In my own case, a previous biopsy missed prostate cancer two years before a followup biopsy, in spite of an elevated PSA score. That first one was a “miss,” but my biopsy two years later was unfortuantely a “hit”.

    It is likely that a second biopsy might not catch the spread of a cancerous tumor, even if the original biopsy discovered it at another location an earlier stage. For that reason surgery (of the robotic sort, to make for a more pain-free recovery) was the route I took.

    Rabbi Ed Weinsberg

  2. sarah says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  3. Great info on prostrate cancer. Very informative.
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  4. rampress says:

    Dear Rabbi Ed,

    Prostate biopsies can also be false-positive since the collected specimens contain rectal tissue, which sometimes imitate prostate cancer. The laboratory has to know how to process the specimens correctly to avoid rectal tissue contamination.

    An extensive collection of specimens should not miss cancer. Too few specimens collected may miss early stage prostate cancer. You may want to read this post.

    Happy holidays,

  5. HIFU says:

    HIFU is a treatment some should look into as well. Though nothing will stop ‘watchful waiting’.

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