Peyronie’s Disease: Curved Penis

May 12, 2011

What causes a curved penis is pretty much speculation. For reasons that are not clear, a thick scar develops in the penis, which prevents blood flow into the spaces (small openings within the smooth muscle) in that area of the penis. With no blood flowing into the spaces, the organ cannot expand. Thus causing the penis to curve or bend toward the scar.

Three of every hundred men suffer from peyronie’s disease, and experience penile pain during normal sexual intercourse, or when the curved penis becomes erect. One percent of all men with peyronie’s disease develop scars across the palms of their hands… a condition known as Dupuytren’s contracture. There are also men with scars on the hands who don’t have peyronie’s disease.

Causes of Curved Penis

Injury to the organ is primarily the cause of a curved penis. Rough sex can easily tear the penile tissue resulting in scaring. Sexual positions that hurt the penis can result in a curve. Masturbation can cause injury to the penis as well, which may curve the penis. Right handed masturbation causes the penis to curve left, while a left-hander has a curve to the right.

Trauma may satisfy the argument as to what cause peyronie’s disease. Peyronies... Curve PenisWhat it doesn’t explain is the reason why some peyronie’s disease slowly develop over time, with no known cause. There is a congenital form of peyronie’s disease with no known cause. The scar tissue develops about mid-penis, top or bottom of the shaft, so the penis angles either up or down. This type of peyronie’s disease leads to shortening of the penis.

The penis contains two spongy u-shape chambers (corpus cavernosa), on either side of the organ, which consist of blood vessels that become engorged with blood when aroused causing an erection. If one chamber is scared because of an injury, blood is unable to flow through the scared tissue to perfect an erection, so the penis bends toward the scar. There is usually no long-term effect if the injury heals properly.

Treatments for Curved Penis

Cortisone-type injections into the scar or plaque to reduce the angle has produced little or no effect. Some urologists believe super doses of vitamin E can reduce penile angulation, but real results are still pending. Surgery seems to be a better fix for the curved penis. After the scar is removed, a graft of tissue from somewhere on the body is used to repair the affected area.

The famous Nesbit procedure has been proven successful for many peyronies sufferers who elected to have surgery. 50-60 percent were able to have normal sexual intercourse again. Surgery should only be a last resort. Other treatments for peyronie’s should be considered before undertaking this big step.

Normally, peyronie’s disease requires no treatment. The scar disappears all by itself within five years. Only when painful erections prevent one from having intercourse should treatment be sought. Most treatments fail to straighten the curved penis, so waiting it out may be your best bet.

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