Peyronie’s Disease: Curved Penis

May 12, 2011

What causes a curved penis is pretty much speculation. For reasons that are not clear, a thick scar develops in the penis, which prevents blood flow into the spaces (small openings within the smooth muscle) in that area of the penis. With no blood flowing into the spaces, the organ cannot expand. Thus causing the penis to curve or bend toward the scar.

Three of every hundred men suffer from peyronie’s disease, and experience penile pain during normal sexual intercourse, or when the curved penis becomes erect. One percent of all men with peyronie’s disease develop scars across the palms of their hands… a condition known as Dupuytren’s contracture. There are also men with scars on the hands who don’t have peyronie’s disease.

Causes of Curved Penis

Injury to the organ is primarily the cause of a curved penis. Rough sex can easily tear the penile tissue resulting in scaring. Sexual positions that hurt the penis can result in a curve. Masturbation can cause injury to the penis as well, which may curve the penis. Right handed masturbation causes the penis to curve left, while a left-hander has a curve to the right.

Trauma may satisfy the argument as to what cause peyronie’s disease. Peyronies... Curve PenisWhat it doesn’t explain is the reason why some peyronie’s disease slowly develop over time, with no known cause. There is a congenital form of peyronie’s disease with no known cause. The scar tissue develops about mid-penis, top or bottom of the shaft, so the penis angles either up or down. This type of peyronie’s disease leads to shortening of the penis.

The penis contains two spongy u-shape chambers (corpus cavernosa), on either side of the organ, which consist of blood vessels that become engorged with blood when aroused causing an erection. If one chamber is scared because of an injury, blood is unable to flow through the scared tissue to perfect an erection, so the penis bends toward the scar. There is usually no long-term effect if the injury heals properly.

Treatments for Curved Penis

Cortisone-type injections into the scar or plaque to reduce the angle has produced little or no effect. Some urologists believe super doses of vitamin E can reduce penile angulation, but real results are still pending. Surgery seems to be a better fix for the curved penis. After the scar is removed, a graft of tissue from somewhere on the body is used to repair the affected area.

The famous Nesbit procedure has been proven successful for many peyronies sufferers who elected to have surgery. 50-60 percent were able to have normal sexual intercourse again. Surgery should only be a last resort. Other treatments for peyronie’s should be considered before undertaking this big step.

Normally, peyronie’s disease requires no treatment. The scar disappears all by itself within five years. Only when painful erections prevent one from having intercourse should treatment be sought. Most treatments fail to straighten the curved penis, so waiting it out may be your best bet.

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The Cardiovascular Cure

September 3, 2010

The cardiovascular cure is revolutionary amino acid that caught the attention of the medical community, and has been the focal point of numerous research studies. Arginine may well be the maintenance engineer of the cardiovascular system. This amino acid keeps the arteries clean by eradicating obstacles that may hinder adequate blood flow.

Arginine converts to Nitric Oxide during arginine metabolism in endothelial cells, and contributes to normal blood flow. Endothelium consists of flat cells that lined the body and lymphatic vessels, the heart, and various other body cavities. Normal blood flow is the heart of the cardiovascular cure.

Four grams of arginine daily is a rather inexpensive way to refurbish the endothelium. Arginine increases dilation of blood vessels, reduces that sticky substance that adheres to blood platelets, making them stick to the vessel walls causing blockage, and improves erectile dysfunction.

Arginine reduces the plaque that forms along the walls of vessels in patients with high cholesterol levels and artherosclerosis.
In laboratory testing, arginine has shown to be much more than a cardiovascular cure. Arginine has proven to…

  • Reduce high blood pressure.
  • Stimulate release of human growth hormone.
  • Improve pituitary functions.
  • Decrease bad cholesterol
  • Improve memory.
  • Improve peripheral vascular disease.
  • Increase relaxation of smooth muscles.

The cardiovascular cure is safe and easily available at your health food store. But be sure to tell your health care provider that you’re taking arginine.

“The Cardiovascular Cure,” by John Cooke, Ph.D
“This book provides a lucid written description of EDRF and endothelial dysfunction. Treatment with exercise, a diet rich in arginine, vitamins, and anti-oxidants, is important to the many patients prone to develop heart attacks or stroke.”

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Once-Daily Tadalafil May Improve Signs and Symptoms of BPH

July 26, 2009

There is enough data available to support once-a-day use of tadalafil in men with erectile dysfunction, and signs and symptoms of BPH. This is the finding, reported by UroToday, of a recent study on the effects of tadalafil on benign prostatitic hyperplasia.

The study included sexually active men with ED, who also suffered BPH and lower urinary tract symptoms, such as intermittency, urgency, incomplete emptying, weak urinary stream, urinary frequency, straining and nocturia.

The result of the study showed significant improvements from baseline with once-daily tadalafil in all stratifications. Hereby suggesting that once-daily tadalafil may be effective in treating a diversified group of men suffering from BPH and other lower urinary tract symptoms.


Understanding Erectile Dysfunction is Knowing When to Treat it

December 4, 2005

What use to be discussed in almost inaudible whispers until the introduction of erectile dysfunction pills, is now talk about openly by everyone everywhere. The relaxed ambiance has allowed men to seek treatment. Men are taking to health providers and partners about erectile dysfunction treatments.

But before trying any ED treatments, be very sure you have erectile dysfunction. The inability to have an erection after an all night party, or after a stressful week at work does not meet the criteria for the treatment. Nor is the inability to get another erection too soon after ejaculation or orgasm. The truth is, men occasionally have erection problems, and most partners can be swayed into understand this.

Erectile dysfunction is the consistent inability to get and keep an erection firm enough to have intercourse. The ability to get an erection can be consistent (can’t get it up at all), or inconsistent (sometimes you can sustain one briefly). If any of these scenarios occur regularly, and I do mean regularly, its time to seek treatment.

Treatment does not necessarily mean that you take erection dysfunction pill. There could be many reasons for what you are experiencing. There may be an underlying medical condition causing ED. Taking medication for some illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes may be one reason. Another reason could be psychological, derive from stress and depression. Your first option should be to see your doctor before initiating treatment.


Male Sexual Health Problems

October 16, 2005

Male sexual health problems are still conventionally coupled with two people, sexual partners, experiencing unfulfilled sexual intimacy with one another. These difficulties are often resolved by communication, sharing of feelings, and medical treatment for the causes of impotence.

Despite these popular proven principles, most men still believe good sex has to do with scoring and sustaining an erection. Failing to accomplish this can lead to severe anxiety.

The development of effective drugs like viagra has alleviated the pain in men confronted with these anxieties. For men who are at risk, taking these medications would only procrastinate the unpleasantries of consulting their health professionals, and communicating with their partners, instead of effectively treating the real cause of erectile dysfunction.


Alternative Drugs Control Hypertension Without Side Effects

October 9, 2005

Hypertension has a profound effect on the sexual health of the male across all cultures. However, people of African decent are disproportionately affected by high blood pressure.

The regularly prescribed popular medications cause serious adverse effects, making the treatment of erectile dysfunction also impossible without the guidance and expert advice of a physician. But researchers discovered there is hope in two not so well known medications.

Spironolactone and Amiloride are two inexpensive medications that have shown to significantly drop blood pressure, without side effects, when taken by hypertensive men.

Although the research participants were not evaluated for sexual performance, you could conclude that this significant drop in blood pressure without side effects, could be a step forward in treating erectile dysfunction without contraindication. Ask you physician about Spironolactone and Amiloride.


Erectile Dysfunction May Be Sign of Cardiovascular Ailment

September 25, 2005

Most male health researchers have refocused their studies on ED. They are concerned that in most men, the problem of erectile dysfunction may be more physiological rather than psychological.

By carefully examining the arteries of men with ED, it was discovered that there is more flexibility in the arteries of men without erectile dysfunction. Conversely, lower flexibility of arteries reduces blood flow through critical blood vessels.

Furthermore, as blood flows through the vascular system, nitric oxide is absorbed through the inner layers of the vessels, which makes them expand, facilitating better blood flow. Nitric oxide is the key to erectile dysfunction. Hence, reduced blood flow to the penis means a reduced nitric oxide uptake.

Nitric oxide is also an anti-atherosclerotic compound that prevents hardening of the arteries, which causes cardiovascular disease.


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