True Aphrodisiac Sex

October 11, 2011

Nonscientific evidence of true aphrodisiac sex existed for thousands of years. Some of it is true, but most of it false and sometimes hazardous to the health of the male.

The word aphrodisiac has come to describe any potion, food, herb, scent or other substances, (few of them support true aphrodisiac sex), that arouse sexual desires.

Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, the list of sexual stimulants can have a range from the sophistication of Spanish Fly to the simplicity of green garden celery.

For thousands of years man has traversed the globe in search of the ultimate sexual stimulant to promote true aphrodisiac sex. What they have uncovered would amaze you, and simultaneously flabbergast you to learn that you were exposed to known aphrodisiacs all your life.

Aphrodisiac Knowledge

Non-empirical knowledge of true aphrodisiac sex existed for centuries. Every culture has its own little bag of aphrodisiac recipes, and geography is mostly responsible for what goes into that bag. What’s mystifying is when the recipes one culture doesn’t produce true aphrodisiac sex for another culture as well.

One basic reason for this is the rarity of the ingredients in the aphrodisiac recipes of one culture’s diet, may be available in abundance to another culture. Consequently, the ingredients generate stamina and vitality, plus sexual energy, for the culture to whom these special ingredients are not readily available, while providing only a placebo effect for the other.

Several items in your household are believed aphrodisiacs. You can find them in your spice cabinet, pantry, refrigerator, vegetable and flower gardens, and amongst your toiletries.

The plant hanging by the window, which emanates a musky scent that engulfs the room, may have aphrodisiac qualities. If you feel sexually stimulated after being in this room, then that scent is your aphrodisiac. But you will not make you experience true aphrodisiac sex.

Actually, a tremendous amount of knowledge exists about aphrodisiacs. But most of it lacks scientific evidence. In 1989 US Food and Drug Administration declared all aphrodisiacs as mythical, lacking scientific support. But later acknowledged Yohimbe, harvested from the bark of an African tree, as a hopeful male aphrodisiac.

Today, Yohimbe is the only herbal aphrodisiac approved by the FDA for the treatment of male impotence. Mainly because it has the potential to elicit true aphrodisiac sex.

Three Rules That Determine Aphrodisiacs

Rule of physiology states that if a substance produces an affect similar to the physical workout experienced during sex — increased heart rate, sweating — it qualifies as a sex aphrodisiac.

Rule of rarity applied especially of foods. Chocolate is now hardly considered an aphrodisiac food, because of its availability everywhere. But phenylethylamine (PEA) in chocolate relinquishes the hormone serotonin that is release during sexual intercourse.

Rule of similarity of shapes accentuates things resembling the shape of sexual organs as having sexual power. Rhinoceros horn, a male aphrodisiac, has the shape of a penis. Calcium and phosphorous, the main ingredients, will provide the physical stamina for those deficient in either substance.

Aphrodisiacs come in many forms and types that can range from natural to true…

Natural Aphrodisiacs

Natural aphrodisiacs are intrinsic, and occur naturally, in response to normal bodily functions. There is little you can do to avert them. Yet they don’t evoke true aphrodisiac sex…

Human Fantasy

The human brain produces the most powerful natural aphrodisiac there is… fantasy. The brain releases chemicals, electro-responses and glandular substances that act as internal sensual stimulants.

Human Hormones

Balanced hormones, especially in women, cause several stimuli to flow naturally from the brain to sex organs. Unnatural conditions, such as stress, illness, and aging, can impede the body’s natural ability to produce certain chemicals responsible for sexual desire.

Therefore, bringing hormones back to normal levels will eliminate unnatural conditions, restore hormonal imbalance, and the brain will again return to standard functionality, producing a powerful natural aphrodisiac.

Human Pheromones

Pheromones are the truest form of natural aphrodisiacs. The human pheromones — Androstenone, Androstenol, Androsterone — found in minute amounts in the perspiration of men and women, are natural aphrodisiacs that attract men to women and visa-versa.

There is scientific evidence that human pheromones can elicit strong sexual responses in both sexes. Unfortunately, antiperspirants and deodorants often destroy the pheromones in human perspiration.

Research conducted by the University of Chicago shows scientific proof that human pheromones do exist. And pheromones produced by one individual have a definite influence on the biological behavior of another.

Aphrodisiac Foods

Armed with the knowledge that some foods have been confirmed to kindle aphrodisiac sex, must have a tantalizing effect on the mind. The effect may be psychological, or a cerebral release that cause the stimulation of the genitalia, but still not enough upshot to cause true aphrodisiac sex.

Seafood Aphrodisiacs

Some people have the misconception that seafood induces true aphrodisiac sex. The goddess of love, Aphrodite, was believed to be born of the sea, so anything sea-food is considered an aphrodisiac food…

Oysters have a high reputation as an aphrodisiac food because they assume the shape of the female sexual organ, and also have a sensuous texture accredited with sexual stimulation and desire.

Caviar’s rarity and shape give these sumptuous eggs a sensuous demeanor, coveted by many for its sexual stimulating trigger.

Plant Aphrodisiacs

These include fruit and vegetables, grain, nuts and spices. Some are favored because of their erotic shapes, others for their vitamins content and aroma that stimulate sexual desire…

Asparagus, known for its erotic shape contains large amount of vitamin A and C. For diets deficient in these vitamins, this aphrodisiac food provides a powerful sexual stimulant.

Celery is well known for treating many ailments including hypertension. This vegetable is also recognize by some cultures as a source for true aphrodisiac sex. The seeds are especially potent and are used to flavor breads and salads.

Pine nuts are well known for its zinc, which produces testosterone, the sex hormone that increases sex drives. The ancient Romans believed pine nuts to be a potent aphrodisiac food.

Fruit Aphrodisiacs

Bananas… are one of the most popular aphrodisiac fruits. The phallic shape and creamy inside, rich in potassium and vitamin B, produces the male sex hormone.

Avocado… the tree was named by the Aztecs “ahuacuatl“, which translates “testicle tree“. The arrangement of the fruits hanging in pairs resemble the male testicles.

Figs… a symbol of fertility by the ancient Greeks are also considered sacred. The erotic fleshy shape provides a powerful sexual stimulant.

The way food looks and feels, tastes and smells can deem it erotic. But if these sensations help to produce sexual stimulation, they may be dubbed aphrodisiac foods.

Drug Aphrodisiacs

Many people actually believe that drugs and alcohol generate true aphrodisiac sex. But the fact is, too much alcohol can cause the opposite effect to occur.

What you feel after drinking alcohol, according to the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, is not the work of any aphrodisiac, but rather the lowering of inhibition brought about by the drug. Actually, heavy drug users eventually lose all sex drives, becoming impotent, due to hormonal changes.

True Aphrodisiacs

An author who wrote extensively about male aphrodisiacs, believes that any substance which stimulates libido (sexual stimulation & desire), and boosts erection, can be called a true aphrodisiac.

There is a lot talk about true aphrodisiacs. But to experience their real effect is as rare as sighting a Martian. Scientific community on Martians declared them dangerous extraterrestrials. Likewise, the scientific community on aphrodisiacs confirmed the dangers of true aphrodisiacs.

First and foremost, is the male hormone testosterone. Doctors, while treating women for hormone imbalance with testosterone, noticed increased libido. But the degree of enhancement was too small to ignore the dangerous side effects.

Next there is Yohimbe… the only substance proven to increase libido, and simultaneously boosts erection. Therefore, Yohimbe has met the criteria of a true aphrodisiac, and will always evoke true aphrodisiac sex.Yohimbe Plant
Yohimbe is also the only known substance to do so, without dangerous side effects. It has also been approval by FDA as the only safe substance capable of producing true aphrodisiac sex.

Yohimbe, the bark of the African tree, is available in powder or capsules at your health food store. Yohimbine, the extract, is only available by prescription. Yohimbe is a male aphrodisiac.

It is written that Ginseng, Muira Puama, and Avena Seltiva may all produce intense sexual stimulation, but not with the magnitude and power like Yohimbe.

One can conclude that a true aphrodisiac is nothing but a turn-on, a sexual trigger, or not even smack. But nobody can begin to comprehend true aphrodisiac sex without the Yohimbine experience.

Consult with your physician, if you are taking heart or hypertension medications, before taking Yohimbe.

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